PhotoElectrochemical Cell Simulator
A Finite Element Based Simulator For Water Splitting Solar Cells
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SOLARCELL Namespace Reference

Data Structures

class  SolarCellProblem


double SRH_Recombination (const double &electron_density, const double &hole_density, const ParameterSpace::Parameters &params)
 The recombination model. More...

Detailed Description

This namespace is for everything that has to do particularly with the solar cell model is the main namespace for everything that is constained in the source file for SOLARCELL:SolarCellProblem.

Function Documentation

double SOLARCELL::SRH_Recombination ( const double &  electron_density,
const double &  hole_density,
const ParameterSpace::Parameters params 

The recombination model.

Schockley-Reed-Hall Recombination functional

\[ \begin{equation} R(\rho_{n}, \rho_{p}) \; = \; \frac{\rho_{i}^{2} \, -\, \rho_{n} \, \rho_{p}} {\tau_{n} \, (\rho_{n} \, + \, \rho_{i}) \, + \, \tau_{p} \, ( \rho_{p} \, + \, \rho_{i})}. \end{equation} \]

The term \(\rho_{i}\) is the intrinsic electron density and can be spatially varying. \(\tau_{n}, \ \tau_{p} \) are constants called the electron and hole lifetimes.

Holdsthe intrinsic density and recombination times.